Reporting module build failure

Hello, I am working with the Reporting module and wanted to build it but I am having an issue linking with javax.

. When I add a maven dependency


The build is ok, but the module can’t deploy. Please someone can help?

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how are you building the module?

Could you share the exact error log that you encounter after deploying it.

mvn clean install

@sharif Here is the error I have.

I am using Java 1.8

You have un defined bean class called ReportingCompatibilityUrlMapping. Have you made other changes minus this the one adding dependency?

@anatoleabe we need to look at the full error logs

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You are right @sharif. The issue was coming from the maven dependency I added. I added it because I was seeing errors in my IDE. After I removed it, and do mvn clean install then I was able to build and deploy the module. Thank you very much for your help.

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