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Hello everyone, I am currently working with a group of peers on setting up OpenMRS for a local charity. We have been guided on utilizing the Enterprise edition of OpenMRS for this specific project. We have had success with everything so far thanks to the TALK community being such helpful people. We do have a request from the organization that we have helped, and we are running into a bit of trouble. This organization helps people recover their Social Security number, and they would like to keep track of how many people they have helped achieve this through a specific date, and they would also like to see the assigned ID number of the people they have helped recover their SSN. Our initial approach was going through the reports module. We created a new property of patient attribute called “Recovered SSN”, we assigned a boolean value for this. From there on, we wrote a SQL script that allows to check this attribute from desired start and end date. Everything goes well whenever we preview, however, on the actual reports page we get an execution error. Our modules are all the latest versions as of the publication of this post.

I would like to know whether our manner of approach is the proper method, or if there is another more efficient method?

Any recommendations or tips would be helpful.

Thank you.

Do you mind sharing the server side error log via

I have created the Pastebin link from what my partner was able to send me. If it requires more information please let me know.

according to your logs,your sql query that is doing the retrieving is wrong, could you add the query that you are using on paste bin and add it here

This is what I was sent from my team mate that created the code.

Is the attribute value a boolean or date?

I believe we have it set as a boolean. Would we need to have set it as a DATE?

Then your sql statement needs to change because it assumes a date.

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