Report not working as expected.

I’ve added another instance of bahmni and used the backup to restore the previous data. After restoration, OpenMRS is operating without any issues, but I’m having issues with report generation. There are no reporting tools available in the new instance. copied reports.json file from the old instance and replaced it in the new one, but I’m still having trouble fixing my problem.

If the “reports” button isn’t working, it is most likely because the report configuration properties is pointing to old openmrs DB, which is not accessible to it. You will need to enter the new openmrs db details in reports configuration. Search for file in your machine, and check the DB connection details.

Also, if you want to use a new reporting tool, with more features, you can also run metabase as a docker instance, and connect your new openmrs DB to it, and run SQLs, or create visualisations in it. See: Running Metabase on Docker

I ended up with this after restoration. ( Replaced Reports.json and app.json files).

Please provide details of version of Bahmni, and whether you are using Vagrant/VM, Docker or CentOS rpm installation option.

See example of how reports configuration should look (this configuration is running on these environments here):

You can copy these and see what happens. Do you still see a blank screen?

If so, check your logs (openmrs logs and report logs).