Report customization for Uganda MOH

Hello Team, am glad am able to upgrade my Test Bahmni Server to the latest Bahmni 0.92-155 and it is working well though the sync between modules sometimes fails,i was inquiring if some one here in the community has already customized sql and other reports for Uganda based MOH. @angshuonline , @dkayiwa any idea on this and as well if there is an implementing partner i can have an engagment with. Thanks Apuda

cc @ssmusoke @slubwama


UgandaEMR About EMR | UgandaEMR Portal


@herbert24 thanks so much for the referral Regards APUDA


Good Evening @ssmusoke thanks for the referral to the UgandaEMR portal .I managed to navigate to the reports folder and how can integrate a select reports to bahmni. Thanks