Report configured using macro template should display same output irrespective of format chosen.

For reports, if we configure macro template, currently “Custom Excel” is the only means to view the customized report. If the user chooses PDF or HTML the logic in macro is ignored. It would be useful to check if a macro template exists and generate the output data based on macro logic irrespective for the format chosen to execute the report.

I would like to know how many people would love to have this feature / or use the CUSTOM EXCEL feature of Bahmni. This feature can be seen on the demo server here:

Thanks @gsluthra and @vmalini . I second @vmalini request.

For endTB we use this feature. Its really helpful. One limitation is that custom excel works well on Microsoft only. On other excels templates (libreoffice, openoffice) you get error messages. We’ve had requests from our data analysts who’d like to upload these file into their SAS/STATA/R programs right away without first having to deal with macro security settings for example “enable editing”, “enable content” … I think figuring out the best way to implement @vmalini requests could solve those two issues above and many more.