Report accessibility & controlling which users can access a report

Hi, please i have a problem with the report confidentiality . Is it possible to give a doctor access to aspecific reports not all the reports, like i see on the report page.

Thank you

Read how to achieve this here:

  1. Introduce a new privilege in OpenMRS (for example: “confidentialReports”).
  2. Set the requiredPrivilege:"confidentialReports" in reports.json.
  3. For the doctors who should be able to access this report, set the above privilege into their “role”, so they have this privilege.

For every set of reports, which require different privileges, you can introduce your own privilege like this. Note: They should still also have “app:reports” privilege, to see the “Reports” button on their landing page.

@gsluthra, let me try it right now. Thank you