Replace src by ng-src for images?

Should the following instances of image related src be replaced by ng-src to avoid double call to server? clinical\common\views\visitTabPrint.html clinical\dashboard\views\dashboardPrint.html common\displaycontrols\tabularview\views\obsToObsFlowSheet.html

Which call are you referring to ?

  1. Clinical->Select a patient->Print (mostly dashboardprint.html line – logo) Gives 404
  2. Clinical->Select a patient->Visits->Select Visit->Print (mostly visitTabPrint.html line – logo) Gives 404 As logo gets displayed properly in both cases, could this be because of src instead of ng-src?

Are you talking about these calls?{{visitTabConfig.getPrintConfigForCurrentTab().logo}}{{tabBeingPrinted.printing.logo}} Tried changing src to ng-src. And yes as you said these dummy calls are not fired. But do you have any reasoning why this is happening? src vs ng-src? Thank you for finding it. You can raise a pull request in git repo.

Yes. Based on what I read, browser uses literal value which will be some angularjs expression for src and makes a call and there will be another call when angularjs replaces that expression by real value fetching the proper image. You can see 404 in browser developer tools