Replace OpenERP with OFBiz/GrowERP in Bahmni

We are AntWebsystems, an open source company in Thailand serving customers worldwide related to Apache OFBiz, GrowERP.

We have now a potential customer in Australia who is interested in Bahmni. We investigated the project and sure it looks very promising!

We have a question however and would like to know if there is interest using Apache OFBiz/GrowERP instead of open ERP, Why?

  1. our open source solution OFBizGrowERP uses the same technology as OpenELIS and OpenMRS : Java. OpenERP uses Python – needed knowledge to maintain the system is much less.
  2. Open ERP is not really open source anymore now they renamed it to Oodo. Look at the enterprise version. – Oodo is now really expensive.
  3. OFBiz/GrowERP can access the database of OpenELIS and OpenMRS directly natively which will ease integration. – Very simple sync jobs between systems required.
  4. Apache OFBiz contains Tomcat which can run the OpenELIS and OpenMRS system internally.
  5. With this change all systems have an Apache 2.0 compatible license which is much better then the very limited AGPL v3 .

May i have the general opinion of the Bahmni community? Looking forward working together

Regards, Hans Bakker CEO

Hi @hansbak,

Thanks for the desire to work together! :slight_smile: Did you get a chance to look at this? Why does Bahmni use OpenERP/Odoo?

Thanks for your answer, we will investigate an interface to Apache Ofbiz/GrowERP using your current architecture

Regards, Hans

Hi @hansbak,

Some clues about the exact same topic posted recently here: ‘Bahmni Architecture’.

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