remove log messages from tests during builds


have you noticed that our tests spit out a lot of log messages which clutter the build for example on travis CI?

I am in favor of getting rid of them by probably configuring the log config file. Every dev can change the setting locally if needed.

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@teleivo that looks exciting! Do you have a pull request for us to see it in action? :smile:

will do :slight_smile: its on my perpetuum todo list, my forecast says the sun will still need to rise 30 times :laughing:

commited a little change to remove log4j logging during tests at

there are still entries like

INFO 5/6/17 11:53 AM:liquibase: Creating database history table with name: LIQUIBASECHANGELOG

in the build about liquibase changesets coming from Database1_9_7UpgradeIT, would you like them to be removed as well?

If so, anyone knows how they are printed? Dont think they come from log4j

Did you try adding this?


thanks for the tip @dkayiwa! So awkward that this is needed :unamused: At the moment I dont feel like adding this dependency. I mean I am trying to get rid of old, unmaintained dependencies.