Reminder: Weekly feedback forms due today

@GSoC2016students, just a reminder that your feedback forms for last week were due by today. As I write this, it’s 06:00 UTC and only 4 of you have submitted your form for week 2. :slight_smile: Please check your direct messages here on OpenMRS Talk for the link and submit it no later than the end of today.



Hi @michael,

I was out of network. But I’ve submitted my weekly feedback form already.


Hi, @michael!

There no any message with a form for week 2 in my direct messages, so I can’t submit it. What I am doing wrong? I received last direct message 5 days ago

Hi @dmytro.trifonov,

Use the link given for Week 1. That’s the link which will be used through out the entire program.



Thanks! I thought, there will be unique link for each week (as last year)

Quoted for truth. :slight_smile: