Reminder: GSoC Mid-Term Celebration during this weeks developers forum

Hi everyone,

I want to remind you all that during this week’s developer forum, we intend to be talking about the work that you have performed over the past month or so. We’ll be trying to cover as many of the projects, provide an opportunity for community members to offer feedback and basically, to chat about what you’ve done, and trying to do. And so, we’d like as many of you to take part in the call, just because its nice to talk to people real time, and hear what you guys sound like :smile:

For more info on how to join the call, please refer to: And helpful tip - please check if your mics work ahead of the call!


yep… check!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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@surangak, I surely might not be able to attend :frowning: since I will be writing exams at that time.


@ch3ck, we’ll forgive you, this time :wink: good luck with the exams though :+1:


I will make every attempt I can to make it, I am so not a morning person.