[Reminder] Deadline for Season of Docs technical writer applications is June 28, 2019 at 18:00 UTC

Hello community and GSoD Participants (Mentors and technical writers in Particular ) , we would like to remind you that the applications will soon close as of 28th June 2019 .So please take note of that if you [applicant/s] have not finished your application/s.

See TIMELINE for Details Thanks alot

cc. @gcliff

Regards Tendo

thanks @tendomart and the mentors for the different project ideas PLEASE continue taking some time to review the technical writers applications,proposals and help guide them accordingly as the deadline for submission closes in on 28th june 2019 next week.

cc @burke @dkayiwa @jennifer @c.antwi

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It would help to share instructions for how to access the applications for review.

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@dkayiwa We will get and make the communication at the end of the application period. [ June 28, 2019 ]

@sk9331657 @ayesh @sachin235 @marslan8530 @faizanzafar40

You all expressed interest in Taking part in GSoD. Do you want to share any experiences , impedements or even updates ?

Have you people applied ? Is there any problem you may want to share ? Please let us know if you need any help / clarifications.

Thanks alot

Best Tendo.

Hi @tendomart

I am working on the proposal already.You can view talk thread here

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That’s great to hear.

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Hi @tendomart I am highly interested to work with OpenMRS. But I won’t be able to take part in GSoD this time due to some reasons. I plan to contribute to open source and participate in its further editions.

Alright thanks for letting us know.

Hi Tendo. I’m currently in process of proposal writing, i’ll let you know if i have any query. Besides that, Thank you so much for being so much available and helpful.

hello @marslan8530 thanks for participating in this,what project idea are you working on so that we can get you in touch with the your mentor

Hi @gcliff That would be great. I’m working on proposal for Project Idea 3: Review and Refactor existing Wiki to be more User profile driven

Good progress @marslan8530, according to this @c.antwi is your mentor on this project idea,kindly finish up with proposal and submit it to her for final reviews before Friday this week at 18:00 UTC

@marslan8530 thanks for the progress , keep feeding us of any progress.

@gcliff @tendomart Okay sure.

@tendomart @gcliff I’ve sent my proposal to @c.antwi

thanks @marslan8530 for this

@c.antwi will definitely review your proposal and get back to you as soon as possible

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Hey everyone. Any update regarding GSoD?

@marslan8530 we’re waiting for the final results from Google ,then we’ll do our internal process to come up with the finalist/s.

okay. I’m waiting anxiously for the results

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