Remembering Dr. Paul Farmer

This has been a difficult couple of years. We have lost many great leaders and exemplary people. Today, I learned that Dr. Paul Farmer has passed away at the age of 62 while in Rwanda. Dr. Farmer founded Partners in Health (PIH) and was instrumental in bringing to light many of the things we take for granted in global health today. He was my classmate at HMS, but I never saw him as he was always working. I know he was a big supporter of OpenMRS and with his books and speaking he raised awareness and directed attention to problems that he was addressing through his own work. For all the work that PIH does and we do together, we can be grateful to Paul.

I know this will come as a shock to many people, particularly those in the PIH family that knew him. I am so sorry for their (and our) loss. The world shines a bit dimmer today.


R.i.p Dr Paul

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Rest easy Dr Paul

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@akanter Sorry for your loss, May his soul rest internal peace and May the Lord strengthen his close relatives and friends through this trying time.

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Very sad. May the Lord teach us to number our days. We pray that God visits and comforts the family.

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Very sorry to hear this. RIP Dr. Paul

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So sad . to learn this

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Thanks for your kind words @akanter and others.

Paul Farmer was a friend and supporter of OpenMRS from the start. He helped along with way and convinced many to embrace it. In the very early days (2007?), of OpenMRS, he wanted to distribute OpenMRS CDs at the International AIDS Conference so everyone would have better health care (and data) systems. OpenMRS wasn’t ready to be “shrink wrapped” then, but hopefully we are all inspired to build easily installed and configurable systems to save lives now.

Peace and Love


I wonder whether we should do some sort of recognition of Paul Farmer at the next OpenMRS meeting.


so sorry for the loss comrades at PIH and openMRS as a whole

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Rest well Dr.

RIP Dr Paul

V.Sad moment, May He rest well, My heart goes to the family and friends. and PIH Family.