Releasing openmrs-owa-bahmni-appointments 1.0.5


I order to update our distro to use the latest bahmni-appointments, we need an update on openmrs-owa-bahmni-appointments to pull the new frontend ver 0.0.4. The change on owa was already made by @jfigueiredo, we just need a release.

@ibacher do you know the procedure to create a release of GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-owa-bahmni-appointments?

Could you help with this?

cc @dkayiwa @mksd

Yeah… this module is it’s own… special thing and since it’s an OWA I didn’t invest too much time in it.


  1. Bintray is gone so maintaining a bintray.json file doesn’t really do anyone any good. We replace Bintray with OpenMRS’s Maven Repository.
  2. The version right now needs to be kept synchronised between the POM.xml and the package.json. The package.json is used to actually build the bundle (zip file), but the POM.xml is used to release things.
  3. Releases are built by creating a GitHub release.

So the process should look something like this:

  1. Update the version numbers in both the pom.xml file and the package.json to the version number you want to release (should not already exist). Commit this to the repo. E.g., the next version should maybe be 1.0.4.
  2. Tag that commit as the same version, e.g. 1.0.4.
  3. Create a new release on GitHub using the UI that is based on the tag.
  4. Update the version numbers in both pom.xml and package.json to the next SNAPSHOT version.

Let me know who should be handling the release process and I can set them up with appropriate rights to that repo.

Hi @ibacher, thanks for the follow up. I can try to handle that. If possible provide me with the appropriate right. Thanks!

@icrc.psousa You should have an invite from GitHub that will give you the necessary rights.

Released 1.0.4 thanks @ibacher !

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