Releasing openmrs-contrib-uicommons to npm

Hey @gutkowski,

I’d like to ask you to document the procedure you follow to release in I know you setup travis-ci to do releases off git tags, but how exactly are you setting the version number you want to release?

Also when I make a change in openmrs-contrib-uicommons and I want to test that change in, what are my options?

Hey @raff,

Currently I’m either manually creating release commit and git tag, or using npm version patch (automatically increments version and creates git tag). I will add appropriate section in README as soon as possible.

Openmrs-contrib-uicommons project contains demo application for components development, but in case if You want to test it in other app, npm has got feature called link. You just need to run command npm link in Your openmrs-contrib-uicommons directory, and then npm link openmrs-contrib-uicommons in Concept Dictionary OWA directory. From now on, every change You make in uicommons will be reflected in Concept Dictionary OWA node_modules. To break the link run npm unlink openmrs-contrib-uicommons.

Do you want to do this release under the openmrs user on npm? If so, then I think I have to be the one to do the first publish, then I can add whoever as collaborators and they can do releases from then on.


I think it makes sense, but I don’t know if it’s ready yet to be published as official Openmrs package. We are still developing it intensively, fixing bugs and releasing new versions often. I’d wait for @raff’s opinion.

@raff I prepared procedure and described it in README.

Okay, well just let me know when you want to make the first release as openmrs and I’ll take care of it. We should probably move the repo into the openmrs org on GitHub first though.


Thanks @gutkowski! Could you please add a note to the README about the npm link feature?

Regarding moving the github repo to openmrs. I strongly feel that as long as @gutkowski wants to be a lead on that project, it should stay under his account. If he ever decides he wants to step back or he is no longer able to support its development, we can fork it to openmrs or whoever wants to lead it. Basically I agree with @michael’s post at Cleaning up OpenMRS repositories We only need to make sure that our wiki pages state clearly where to find upstream repos we rely on.

To highlight the importance of the project for OpenMRS I think it would be helpful to do a release to npm from the openmrs account. It is also to secure the name of the package for OpenMRS as npm does not allow to publish the same package from different accounts.

We should be ready with the 1.0 release very soon in the first days of May.



Okay, fine by me.

Okay, just ping me when everything is ready and I’ll run npm publish and add @gutkowski, yourself and whoever else you suggest as collaborators. Any of those collaborators will be able to perform the publish in future.

EDIT: Actually, I can just give you guys the auth token and you can add it to your Travis settings (use an environment variable to protect it) to enable publishing under the openmrs user.