Releasing EMR API and Core Appis

fyi @dkayiwa I’m planning on doing a quick release of the EMR API and Core Apps modules, and possibly a few others. I made a few changes over the past couple months to fix bugs that occurred when running again 2.1, and so our distro has been running against snapshots for awhile and it seems a good time to release, especially if you are making changes to make them 2.2 compatible.

The ref app should upgrade the latest released versions automatically, correct?

Take care, Mark

Yes that is correct! :slight_smile:

Cool! No objections, then?

No objections at all. In fact the timing is perfect, just before we put in major changes for platform 2.2

I released EMR API and Core Apps. Is there any issue updating I’m supposed to do?

I also triggered the release of UI Commons but it took forever… looks like it hung running some phantomjs rests? I killed it for now.

Heading offline for the rest of the day today…

Take care, Mark

You probably need to close this :slight_smile:

ah, right, there’s an actual EMR-API project… :slight_smile: I will do all the regular release steps.

I was wondering if we have a process for flagging the RA tickets that end up in the latest core apps release?