Releases are not being uploaded to Play Store

I am going through this issue ( from many days and have been finding ways to solve it.

I just wanted to suggest we can use fastlane ( for automating the google play uploads.



Fastlane seems a good and simple option, to replace the play publisher plugin, but I need access to the OpenMRS google play developer console to set up the service account.

@dkayiwa can you possibly give me access to the console?

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@raff are you in position to do this?

any information regarding this thread sir ??:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

@cintiadr do you think the infra team should take this up?

I tried, @dkayiwa

While I have username/password for a certain account in google play, I don’t have access to the number configured on the MFA. So I cannot login to google play.

I’m not in position to do this any time soon, but I’m happy to grant access to the app in the google play console to anyone given instructions on how to do this.

UPDATE: Actually, I don’t seem to be the account owner and do not see any way to grant access. It says the owner is associated with the e-mail address.

@burke is that your mobile linked to that account?