Release timeline for Ref-app 2.11.0 scheduling

Hello everyone. Hope we are fine, As we know this year releases started a bit late according to the for later release timeline but thanks for the former release Managers who did good work to update most of the wiki documentation. Following this documentation reference application proccess, we will have the change of the time of releases the alpha ,beta and full release this year however due to available resources, i would think immediately after having an alpha release for platform 2.4.0 by @gcliff which is probably scheduled in september, we should also start off having our reference application under testing different parts which brings in core module maintainers to keep an eye of any critical improvements , development of new features in modules.

So the question is, When should we have our final release according to this release management and planning, Knowing this will guide us of how to determine the future of the forth coming release, and this will help us to know where are we standing/where are we going in future personally i would love if possible to have full release before February next year to give a more time to encapsulate the later timeline. More views will be highly appreciated. cc @jennifer @grace @dkayiwa @burke @ibacher @mogoodrich @mseaton @mksd @ssmusoke @k.joseph @mozzy @gcliff @bistenes @reagan @tendomart @herbert24 @jwnasambu. And others in the community , please leave a comment behind thanks regards @sharif


@sharif good forecast.

I also personally think the best way to predict release date is to have a bird’s eye view of the whole process A-Z

Has the TAC finalised with the Technical Roadmap in regards to Refapp ?

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Thanks @tendomart, i think this is part of any view of the whole process. we are already in the process/progress however , we wanted to hear from different perspective upon implementers, module owners,developers on when they should expect new releases like how it is done in platform which will give us an outstanding pace to work on together

Thanks @sharif for sharing this,Hello @burke @jennifer Any suggestions on this?

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Hello Community Reference Metadata module have been released today, FYI a lot changed in this module including the upgrade of built in reports to extend ReferencemetadaReportManager thanks to @mksd @dkayiwa for this catch.and covid-19 concepts getting extracted from sqldump file,so its a good progress.

Looking forward for remaining modules this week


Hello! UAT-server is now ready to be used for testing you can use the default link to comfirm with current qa-server link . cc @grace @dkayiwa @mozzy @tendomart @gcliff @herbert24 @jwnasambu @gracebish thanks


Thanks @sharif

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thanks @sharif

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@gcliff i think this is good to hit two birds with the same stone , namely remaining fhir endpoints as well as the other Refapp features .

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