Release process - Platform 2.3

Thank you @mozzy for the heads up :slight_smile:.

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With regards to upgrading the libraries at our last meeting we agreed the following with @burke:

  1. Review the palm file to understand which libraries should be updated. this review can be broken down into tickets that the community can participate.
  2. Another suggestion was to write a maven report which will produce a list of libraries that need updating
  3. Once we have the reviewed list we can then asses each library to know the breadth, depth and scope of what needs to be updated
  4. Determine a path on how to do the upgrade

cc @mozzy

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is it a palm file or pom file ??

@ruhanga, from your comment above you seem to have done some work around this. can you probably describe how far were you with that. unfortunately i have no acces to the google doc you shared above. i would have taken a look .

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Thank you very much @mozzy. Unfortunately I had forgotten to publicly share the doc. Sorry about that. You can try again and I believe you can now access the google sheet.

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@ruhanga and team let us meet tommorow May 1st at UTC 2pm to review activities. We have hard deadline of June 7th complete this release so lets make sure we meeting regularly to remove any potential blockers.


i cant see any one on the call

@c.antwi, on the last call, unfortunately we missed you. though one key blocker to this release is the updating of libraries, as this may require some reasonable amount of work. So we resolved if possible to come up with a sprint to finish this up. @ruhanga how far with trying to form the sprint??

@c.antwi and @dkayiwa whats you take on that??

@mozzy i intentionally avoid calls that are not on the OpenMRS calendar because i want to put myself in the shoes of every one else in the community.

You need to advertise such public calls in advance, and even better, send reminders just a few minutes to the call.


Thats true @dkayiwa

@mozzy thank you very much for the hard work towards the Platform 2.3 release :slight_smile:.

Would you like to contribute in taking the lead in the sprints towards determining which libraries take precedence for this release? A nice guide would be this wiki resource .

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Alryt @ruhanga . ill take a look at that and see how far we can go.

That would be the best approach. I have also posted earlier in this thread, some recommendations that were shared by @burke in our last meeting .

what about writting a maven script to pull out the libraries that need updating ? would that help?

then the list could be written up as tickets that community could work on.

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yes @c.antwi, we discussed that with @ruhanga.

Just that one challenge with a maven script , it ignores dependencies whose artifact-ids were changed.

but i think it would be the better option. but the google doc @ruhanga shared contains most of the major dependencies, and most of other dependencies are related to them @ruhanga can you generate the maven script?. in a mean time .am working on setting up a sprint

Thanks @mozzy, here is the script that can be run in the project root folder to give a report of the update-able dependencies. mvn versions:display-dependency-updates

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I think this plugin still works:

In theory this works too