Release process and why help desk is needed to tag bamboo builds

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Why is Help Desk needed to tag bamboo builds as part of the release process? Since bamboo does not have granular permissions, everybody on it is an admin, so it makes little sense to email the help desk. Somebody (not me) should update the release process wiki page – i edited it this morning and do not feel like editing it again. I have no clue what the rationale behind that was, but it needs to go.

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Hello @r0bby,

I added this step while doing my release as this is what I have been recommended by previous Release Managers.

I may be wrong but, in retrospect I believe the rationale behind it to be asking the helpdesk to tag it a release would give only the help desk the authority to maintain the versioning number. As we have a system of rotational Release managers.

I will make a note to bring it up in the next developers forum and see what others think about it.

It makes absolutely no sense. You have the same permissions I do. Don’t bring it up, remove it. It’s needless busywork.

Be considerate of the fact that help desk is currently a one-man job right now. There are tasks that only i can do – but this is not one of them.