Release of HTML Form Entry 4.0.2

I would like release HTML Form Entry 4.0.2 to get the new velocity features for an upcoming UgandaEMR release

Fine with me! @ssmusoke just ping me here when you release it and I can take care of the ticket curation/release notes in Jira.

@ssmusoke fine with us too, and this btw looks more like a 4.1.0 than a patched 4.0. But I don’t want to add overhead for nothing, so I leave it to you guys to decide.

Oh, good point @mksd … I’m not sure why we did a 4.0.1 release last time instead of 4.1.0, but this one should be 4.1.0…

HTML Form Entry 4.1.0 released Release 4.1.0 · openmrs/openmrs-module-htmlformentry · GitHub

Thanks @ssmusoke ! I just took care of the “paperwork” in Jira: renaming the 4.0.2 release to 4.1.0, and closing all the tickets.

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