Release of EMR API 1.32.0 + Core Apps 1.33.0

Hi @mogoodrich, would you be ok with this?

Cc @jfigueiredo @dkayiwa

If yes then steps would be:

  1. Release of EMR API 1.32.0.
  2. De-snapshotting Core Apps’ dependency on EMR API (1.32.0-SNAPSHOT → 1.32.0).
  3. Release of Core Apps 1.33.0.
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@mksd this works for me, thanks for checking.

We should do mark the versions as released in Jira as well… I’m happy to do this, just ping me after the release is done.

Take care, Mark

Strangely, now a couple of the Core Apps JS tests are failing, so we should hold off the release. I will look into this, but if anyone else gets a chance and figures anything out, let me know…

I’ll do it, no worries. I’m actually quite thorough with that process, I spent some time cleaning a couple of modules Jira projects recently to that regards.

I spent some time trying to debug the Core Apps JS tests without luck… it’s pretty baffling to me at this point, as nothing related to them changed recently. Hope to get back to it tomorrow, but if anyone gets a chance to figure it out before me I’d be fine with that! :slight_smile:

I got the tests passing again… this was a strange one, see if you are interested in the details.

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