Release Notes Need Revamping

Hey all,

I’m excited that the community got a new documentation lead @jwnasambu, maybe I should take the advantage of it :smile: Well for release roles, I face issues with the old available docs. These docs are sort of outdated and you find that for as now we have CI doing most of the tasks automatically with the openmrs-bot server yet in the docs some of these changes weren’t updated. You will find that what is required to do an actual release is way shorter from what is defined here yet it’s always good practice to follow the same convention for every subsequent release stage. Can we have these docs be updated with help from other folks and make our codebase stable with smart meaningful tags and branches.

Resources :

cc: @cintiadr, @mogoodrich, @dkayiwa

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Hi Samuel,

If you know the the documentation problems, are you able to update it to reflect how it should be instead?