Release for openmrs-module-bahmnicommons


we would like to generate a new release for our Distro and so we need a new release GitHub - Bahmni/openmrs-module-bahmnicommons.

@angshuonline @gsluthra please could you help us on that point ?


Hi @frederic.deniger , I’m being told that version 0.1 is now published. Could you confirm?

Thanks @binduak for this.

@binduak @mksrom I can’t find the 0.1 version on Nexus Repository Manager. Is there another repo ?

@frederic.deniger the pipeline deploy is successful for the 0.1 release as you can see here. But the artefact is not available in the Sonatype. We will try to fix it today and update here.

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I don’t have access on Bahmni CI :slightly_smiling_face: Did you find the issue ? Thanks

Hi @frederic.deniger We are able to resolve the issue with artefact release. Now 0.1 bahmnicommons artefact available on oss sonatype. Please check. Thanks !

cc/ @mksrom

@binduak can you please create a card to move the CI process to GHA?

@angshuonline please find the JIRA card here