Release assistance for Order Entry UI OWA V.1.0.0-beta

@wyclif @raff @darius

The Order Entry UI OWA is ready to be released in beta.

We would like to release version 1.0.0-beta

Kindly add me to the openmrs organization on bintray

My bintray username is larrystone


cc @dkayiwa

@raff what’s the process of adding someone to bintray with privileges to upload to the OpenMRS repository?

@wyclif Let me provide more context to why I need this.

The document states that one can create a package on his bintray account and link with the openmrs bintray organisation. I have done this. However, since the package is directly tied to my bintray account, I feel that this may not be the best decision because of the following reasons

  1. This means if I accidentally (or intentionally) delete the package, then others cannot access it
  2. This also means further development on this project by other teams would require setting up the bintray process again.

This is why I feel that setting up the package on the openmrs bintray directly would be a better option. And this will make travis deploy with git tags easy.

@larrystone I didn’t question your request, I’m actually pinging @raff and others to help you with your request.

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Permission granted. Thanks @wyclif and @raff and everyone