Release 2.0: System Performance & Utilization Module

Hi Everyone,

Today I am releasing the 2.0 Version of the System Performance and Utilization Module. The module usage is very simple. Just install the module and open the Administration panel to seek for module functionality which includes:

  1. Statistics: Memory Usage, CPU Usage, Disk Usage and System Information
  2. Application Statistics: Form Filled, Logged In User, Patient Counts, Encounter Counts, Report Run, etc.

Just have a look at the module. Use it. Give suggestion. Review It. Currently supported Platform 1.11 stable release or above.

Here is the Download of the module: OpenMRS Add Ons

Fed up of opening the admin panel again and again for the system statistics. Don’t worry about it. You can download the Google Chrome extension for the module from the store. Currently extension is developed for Google Chrome Browser. This will make the module usage simple and quick access to the information.

Here you can download the Extension: OpenMRS System Metrics - Chrome Web Store

The usage of the module and extension are very simple. Just try it and you will know that better.

Review and Enjoy :slight_smile:

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