Registration search modification

Hi, I have simplified the search form at patient registration, but want to make the box for Name more wider, this is my form right now:

Where can I modify the size of the box for entering the name to search?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Are you trying to modify the code ? If that is the case, the changes should be locally maintained. Each time you take a new build, you will have to incorporate those changes manually. Can you please explain more on why do you need to change the size? Patient Name search acts as a partial search, you need not enter complete name to search the patient by name.

Thanks, Sravanthi

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It was because the clinic director want to make it more “balanced”, but being the situation you mention, we will keep this format. Thanks!

Just a side note: Bahmni has been designed to be responsive to various device displays. So, depending on which device you view, the layout might look and feel slightly different.

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First of all thank you to Bahmni team for such a unselfish, great work…

We are currently looking to bahmni as an alternative EMR, we do have a some question like in the installed demo, there is a hindi character in the ther search that we don’t need.

How do we hide those patient search parameter/fields that we do not need…

Again thaank you so much…

You can accomplish that by making changes to app.json file under /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs/registration/app.json.

Check the following resources: