Registration of Unknown patient

Hello, we have a user story with the requirements for the registration of unknown patient. a) I tried to register an unknown patient, but it is impossible to me (user admin) because given and family name are mandatory b) if it is no longer possible, can we remove permanently the test UnidentifiedPatientKeyboardTest, right now it is ignored and needs refactoring (e.g., it does not inherit from ReferenceApplicationTest)

What server are you testing on?

-Darius (by phone)


It seemed to work for me:

I didn’t understand the issue. I clicked the button. I did not try to tab through using my keyboard. When you try tabbing through using the keyboard, you can’t proceed to the unknown patient button because the name is a required field. The issue has to do when the required field is evaluated, which is immediately after you try to leave the field. @domenico, is it your requirement that users tab through using the keyboard to check that box for unknown patients? If so, you could theoretically change the tab order or find a way to evaluate the required fields when a user tries to exit from the question, not the fields.

FYI @mogoodrich

Tabbing through the field It’s not strictly a requirements to satisfy from my prospective, I was just a bit confused from the test itself and requirements. If you all agree, I can try to fix the test without tabbing through the field. Thank you