Registration Module: How can I add a field of type byte[]?


Am adding a fingerprint applet onto the registration module. I have managed to look at the configuration procedure. Am afraid there is nothing close to a custom Person Attribute Type like patient fingerprint. What are the ways of adding a field that would store the patient fingerprint( of type byte[] or blob)?

Am happy to get some pointers here.

Instead of the actual image, you can store the finger print template in a person attribute of type string.

Out of curiosity, what fingerprint scanner and SDK are you using? We are currently working on developing fingerprint functionality using the Neurotechnology SDK ( and the Futronics FS88 scanner. We’d looked into an applet solution, but are shying away from it since Chrome no longer supports applets, and Firefox is supposedly dropping applet support by the end of 2016… and applets are supposedly being dropped from Java 9.


Hello Mark,

We are using DigitalPersona from . Scanners : U.are.u.4500 & u.are.u.5160 . The scanners have their respective SDKs.

We hope to have custom plugins into browsers that are opensource. Also wanted to save the health care provider from using many screens when accessing patient details. How are you doing it at PIH?

Thanks! We are not sure yet… writing a custom plugin for seamless integration does sound great, but I don’t know if we are going to have the resources to commit to that level of work. (But if you do write an open source ones, would love to see it!). One thing we’ve been looking at to use in lieu of an applet is jwrapper (, but I don’t have enough experience with it yet to say whether I’d recommend it or not.