Registration Form As a Single Page

@darius @mogoodrich Is it possible to have the registration form as a single page with all the controls displayed instead of the current format? If so how easy is it to do?

Even when a single page is it possible to keep the app as the configuration approach

It’s the Navigator Controller set up here that renders the form in the one-question-per-screen workflow:

Without that line, I think it will be rendered on a single screen, but I’m sure the formatting would be a mess… and other code in registerPatient.js relies on NavigatorController to acces the values of fields. So while I think it’s certainly doable, it would need to be reworked to be configurable, there’s no simple way to switch as it’s written currently.

Take care, Mark

@ssmusoke There are some related points in this thread:


Thanks @craigappl… I had forgotten I had already tested and written that up… @ssmusoke you’ll definitely want to check out my post in that thread.