Registration fee bug

Hi Bahmni folks! When registering a new patient in Bahmni, there is a registration fee textbox which is mandatory. when i provide that fee is never synchronized to openerp any clue?

Hi @mfugale

Currently we do not have the capability to sync Registration fee to OpenERP. Only Orders and Medications can be synced to OpenERP.

Okay! So that text field can just be dropped out. However making that working would be greatly appreciated

Hi @vmalini How then can i hide this field. in resistration page also in patient’s dashboard.

Hi @mfugale, The configuration for Registration 2nd page Fee Information/ Nutrition Values comes from extension.json. Please refer to default_config in git hub for understanding this. Removing the unnecessary fields from the page.

Thanks @swathivarkala, I will have a look for that Meanwhile can you help this. Bahmni I can’t find a page where I can add or remove the wards(for admitting patients), there are two wards only with their respective beds but I don’t know where I can’t add/edit/remove them Thanks in advance

Ward Management is Work in progress. Till then one can use SQL statements to manage the same as mentioned here.

Further discussions on this is required