Registration Core Configurations to intergrate with OpenEMPI

I have been struggling all day long to integrate the registration Core (Openmrs) with OpenEMPI as per this document. , but it seems the the documentation is a little out dated.

The are some global properties that the documetation doesnt clearly specify properly ,in order to have the integration ie

  • registrationcore.mpi.implementation (Spring bean name)
  • registrationcore.mpi.personIdentifierId
  • registrationcore.openempi.globalIdentifierDomainId.

i would want to get more details above the above fields i have specified .

cc @dkayiwa @burke @mksd

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Is this:

And this: Integration with OpenEMPI

Of help?

@dkayiwa , the registration-core Fork for isante plus has several commits ahead of the community repo ,

And it seems while they did some innitial work to support that intergration in the community module , no efforts were taken to support and mainatin it . The intergration is too problematic with the community module. let me try to use the isante plus fork.

both using this feaure in the community module or the isante plus fork , is too hectic , you need to depend on so many other isanteplus modules which becomes too undesirable.

Even just building the isante modules , is hectic… i continously bump into errors. it seems they once hosted their artifacts in openmrs maven repositories and they now host them in some other maven repository so , i think i just have to get some other solution other than using the existing feature in registration core

If you are not able to get an easier solution out there, the other option would be trying to harvest features from isante plus back to the community supported registrationcore module.

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sure , we should do that. ill start on that task some time

But their fork also depends on some other modules , so we should completely make the feature inthe community module entirely non dependant , especially on isanteplus specific mosules

I cannot agree any less!