Registration, clinical workflows & guidelines and reporting standards in Haiti

Thanks Mark! Really appreciated. Amazing.

Ok I understand, so (some of) the plan would probably to get Haiti Core to run on our Bahmni-based distro. I think we could definitely convince this potential client that work should remain aligned with what happens with PIH/ZL EMR and iSantéPlus. At this stage this is the kind of input that they are awaiting.

I will definitely PM you about the access to the staging server. @craigappl , would something similar be possible with iSantéPlus you think?

I will get back to them first about what we just discussed on this thread, then let’s move forward with actually looking at those distributions.

Hi @mksd,

I’ll PM you credentials to our online iSantéPlus demo. The Haiti Core module provides a baseline of shared address template, encounter types, identifier types and person attribute types. We haven’t yet shared forms or concepts. iSantéPlus is standardized on the CIEL dictionary for all concepts except a handful of registration concepts that are loaded in using metadatasharing packages. @ball could discuss PIH’s approach to concept maintenance for Haiti.

Our forms are available in the iSantéPlus module in GitHub and we use an ETL process to push the transactional database to a local SQL warehouse database that is used for our iSantéPlusReports module.


Happy New Year Haiti community! :tada::confetti_ball:

I’m sorry that I gave the impression to let this thread down, I had initially been scouting around while awaiting a formal green light for the project mentioned in my original post. And I must say that I am already very grateful to @mogoodrich and @craigappl to have provided me access to their QA servers so spontaneously. That’s great.
Now things are moving forward! …and we would like to start establishing a roadmap for a Bahmni-based hospital solution for Haiti.

In all likelihood the roadmap will outline a multi-phase approach, possibly spanning over an extended period of time.
Phase 1 though should enable the target site to adopt ‘quickly’ the HMIS solution and at the very least to start capturing medical documentation using Bahmni.

@nathaelf, @ball, @mogoodrich and @craigappl, would it be ok for you guys to organise a design call to discuss both PIH/ZL and iSantéPlus?

Cc @arbaughj @mseaton @mksrom

Sure, I would be will to join a design call.

Take care, Mark

Great Mark. I just setup a Doodle for this, here:

Hopefully we can have a first discussion somewhere between now and end of next week. Really looking forward to starting this new project.

Thanks @dmitri, I just took a look at the poll and the times are a little funky for me, see below… I assume you weren’t planning a meeting from 1 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon? I’m assuming Doodle is just messing up the conversions…


(Not it wasn’t Doodle’s fault, it was just me…)

Got it… whew! Lots of options, I just filled it out, I hope I got it right.

I know you know this, but, for what it’s worth just to mention again, both PIH/ZL and iSantéPlus are Ref App based, not Bahmni-based, so that is more of the angle I will be able to weigh in on.

Take care, Mark

Yes absolutely, we fully understand that. Quoting my initial post again:

We want to ensure that whatever we do is in line with the community of practice of OpenMRS in Haiti. Furthermore, we would hope to contribute to a common set of resources that help set up and configure OpenMRS distributions in Haiti (Bahmni or not), if that’s a possibility. But let’s discuss all this over the call!

Thanks Mark for being so prompt.

Hi @craigappl , would anyone from I-TECH want to join? We could also talk about iSantéPlus on yet another call. What do you think?

Hi @mksd,

I’m transitioning from I-TECH and @nathaelf is the best person to join the call.


Thanks for the pointer @craigappl. I hope we will keep seeing you around OpenMRS?

Hi @nathaelf, would you like to join our meeting?
Please see

@arbaughj, what about you? It would be great to get your input as well.

Hi @ball and @mogoodrich!

Thanks for responding to the Doodle poll. So would Tuesday 16th @ 9am EST work for you both? If yes I’ll send out a calendar invite.

Is there another time? I have a 9am meeting. My fault if I selected that on the doodle poll.


@ball could you do either 10am or 11am the same day?

Either time – Jan 16 at 10am or 11am EST.


FYI @ball and @mogoodrich I sent a calendar invite to both of you for Tue Jan 16th @ 10am EST.

Great meeting… a few follow up items.

  1. You can see how we define localizations for Metadata here:

I did confirm that most, if not all, of our translations are in our “Mirebalais” module. For metadata declarations that have been moved to the Haiti Core module, we should move the declarations there. I’ve created a ticket reminding us to do this.

For reference, here’s the code in UI Framework that handles localizations:

  1. Here’s where we store our concept metadatasharing packages:

Hopefully they will be updated in the next couple days to be 2.x compatible! I am working on that now.

  1. If you haven’t been watching this thread, it’s probably one you’d like to follow:

Looking forward to talking more… it would be useful to get @ddesimone involved in any discussions of our clinical workflow.

Take care, Mark

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Thanks both @ball and @mogoodrich for attending our call and providing such valuable input about your work in Haiti.

Cool, I understand now your approach to localizing metadata names, that’s quite nifty! If we decide to go for reusing PIH Core directly in our Bahmni distro then we would have to expand the implementation of Ext I18N to support your logic. We just gave it a 20 min brainstorm and I think that it would work just fine. But just to be sure, in fact all metadata are saved in some default locale, correct? Presumably ‘fr’ as I can see here for encounter types (and from what Ellen said over the meeting)?

It is well possible that we don’t reuse PIH Core directly in our distro since we have now established this process of setting OpenMRS backend configs via our Initializer module. This enables us to not have any implementation-specific modules anymore, and I believe that we will want to stick to that paradigm by extending the Initializer further. But let’s see…

We will now have a conversation with the key stakeholders at our implementation site in Haiti to outline and prioritise the clinical workflows that they are most interested in. And we will come back to you after that for a follow up call to dig further into PIH/ZL, if that’s ok with you?

Thanks a bunch. So helpful and insightful!

Good conversation and nice to see all your expertise contributing to new projects in Haiti. Let us know about the followup meeting covering clinical workflows.