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Hello everyone,

i’m trying to implement openmrs in the company i’m working in as a developer. it’s going to be use in the company’s infirmary in order to have all the employee’s medical record.

Now i was thinking about a way to allow all the employees to connect to openmrs and register themselves and their family members since i cannot create a user for each employee with them being more than 300.

When they connect, they will only see the registration app. I want to do it this way to avoid the doctor to conduct the registration process each time an employee go to the infirmary.

any idea?


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Am not aware of any such functionality. You would need to develop a module to take care of that. In the past, i have seen some related efforts like:

i thought about creating a single user. let’s say i call it “registration”. I will give it only the privilege of registration and send it to all the employee. I think it should work.

Interesting! Keep us updated on how it goes. :slight_smile:

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