Registration App: Collect section(s) before patient name


Our clinical workflows collect a paper identifier number as part of the registration process. The current registration process in the registration app allows us to collect identifiers after the person’s demographic information is collected. Our clinical mentors clearly state that we need to collect the identifier number as the second field during the registration process, after the date of the registration (for retrospective data entry) and before the person’s name is entered.

The form builder keeps the demographic information as the first field. How could we rearrange this page to make a section display before the demographics section?

Thank you, Craig

FYI @mogoodrich, @jamesfeshner, @jmaxy, @guerschon, @nathaelf

@craigappl, quickly glancing at the code I wonder if this might be achieved easily in a backwards compatible way by adding some logic like:

if the app.getConfig().get(“sections”) contains an Object node with id = “demographics”, then add this in wherever (and however) it is user defined. If not such section exists (which is the assumed behavior now), then add it as the first section automatically as is currently done.

@mogoodrich / @cioan / @dkayiwa / @ssmusoke do you think this would work?


What @mseaton says makes sense, and should be simple to implement.

I’m not 100% sure why I forced the demographics section to be the first field–it may have been simply the quickest way to do so when I added the ability for it to be customizable. But I think it’s fine to change it as Mike suggests and if there are any issues that pop up when we do we can address it then.

Take care, Mark

A ticket to address this is here: