Registering patients' names in Arabic

When I register a patient’s name in Arabic, it appears on the dashboard as symbols. Is there a way to register patients’ names in arabic? Thank you.

@hossam i suppose you are getting symbol because Arabic is not translated to English on this platform.:neutral_face:

@jwnasambu patient names will not be translated.

@hossam could you share a screenshot of the symptom that you experience? I would bet that this is because of some UTF-8 encoding that is not happening somewhere.

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@mksd thanks for the correction.

the problem has been solved adding URIEncoding=“UTF-8” to the connector that has port=8080 in server.xml in tomcat


Hi, I installed a newer version of Bahmini and I would like to add patient name in Arabic, software refuse to save. I searched for server.xml it not found. can you help?