Registering a patient - Text fields should have more validation

I want to start a discussion on how to go about validating text input in the registration form.

Basically, for the Given Name I can input e.g. “_______” or “##$!@3” . The same goes for any text input e.g. Address and Relatives. Also for Phone Number I can input “-----------” and will still be marked valid.

For more info on this, see my Google Doc at “Form Input Validations” section

I already created the JIRA issue here and @dkayiwa wants me to discuss solution options here in Talk.

PS. I can register this patient:

So in my view, it should block the provider from continuing registration if he/she input unreadable text like “_____” by showing red text warnings.

It doesn’t look like this discussion got very far, but maybe we can revive this because I think it’s important, and the JIRA ticket is just sitting in the backlog.

As far as validating a person’s name, good luck. But naively validating a phone number or email address should be quite easy by adding to the html pattern='^\+?\d{0,15}' for the phone (longest allowed phone number is 15 digits including country code) or pattern='^.\@.$' for an email address (a valid email address can be a@a).

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