Regarding the ticket: Need way for admin to change a user's password [RA-931]

Hi there :smile: !

I’ve read about the Pull Request tips that were in the link which Daniel sent to me. And I’ve created a branch in my repo, including ticket [RA-931 ]. Also I’ve configured my IDE as in the Developer’s guide and imported the openmrs-core into it and now I’m reading details in this link

and also the details in this link.

I’ve already built the openmrs-core and ran the web application.

Am I in the correct path​:hushed: ? Can you please help me :smiley:!

Thank you!

Pretty much, yes :slight_smile:

Since people had conflicting views about this issue previously, you might want to discuss your solution and come to an agreement before you implement something.

Thank you Chanuka… :slight_smile: ! I’ll do that!