Regarding REACT-1 task in GCI-2019

hello, in tasks of OpenMRS in GCI there is a coding task named REACT-2 it is showing that you have to be completed with REACT-1 but there is no such task in tasks section and when i saw it yesterday there is REACT-1 but now it is not please give the task back.

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Hi Nayan, see, the React - 1 task ran out of instances, meaning that too many people have already claimed the task already/got the task approved. So you cannot claim React-1 now. Maybe it will be up again later. Till then, do other tasks - except for the React ones.

Its going to be worked upon very soon.
cc: @suthagar23

I also faced the same problem.

The instance count for the React-1: Create a react application and upload to GitHub task has been increased. Please check with your dashboards.

Thanks for making the remainder!


Thank you @suthagar23

Thanks for adding it again.