Regarding promotion to dev/2

Hello World!

I approach this topic a bit nervously, but I believe that I have met the conditions to ask the community for this privilege. I got my first PR merged around a year ago and since then I have submitted numerous PRs and got them merged. Presently I am ranked 15th among the top contributors of android client of OpenMRS.

I know there’s more to learn and contribute but a reward along the way just boosts the confidence :smiley: Moreover, this badge will help the community members to understand the significance of my future talk posts related to Android repository of OpenMRS.

Looking forward to @saurabh to pitch in and give his valuable feedback regarding this. Hope to get dev/2 badge soon!


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keep up the good work @elonshubham. you have been helpful :v:

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@elonshubham do you mind sharing a link to your pull requests?

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Here are some reviews : Pull requests · openmrs/openmrs-contrib-android-client · GitHub

Did you just change your Talk profile’s githubid? I checked with the one you had a couple of hours ago and it did not have any pull requests.

Actually I changed my username for github a couple months ago but I forgot to update it on my Talk’s profile. The one I had previously doesn’t even exist now.

Thanks for the great work @elonshubham and welcome to /dev/2 :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the promotion @dkayiwa. Cheers to more learning and contributions!

@dkayiwa Thanks for sorting out this!