Regarding Projects for GSoC 2020

I went through this thread regarding project/mentor brainstorming that you started. (GSoC 2020 : Project/Mentor Brainstorming). I did not post there as i am preparing to participate in GSOC this summer as a student not as a mentor. But would really like to suggest a project which could be very simple yet powerful.

Creating an android application from scratch with following benefits : It could tell us to the 1- vaccines needed 2 - Precautions required 3 - Symptoms for a particular disease(That the user searches for). Could also implement the notification feature for the which could act as a warning for a new disease outbreak just to make them aware about it.

I know this is a very rough proposal that i am presenting but i thought it could be something easy yet powerful keeping in mind the organisation’s ideology.

Hope you all don’t mind me asking a general question - I was going through the list of selected projects for GSoC 2020 but could not find any android project so far. Will the organisation be listing android projects this year for GSoC ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

@dkayiwa @f4ww4z

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Did you see what we already have here?

@dkayiwa sir ( openMRS android client provides an efficient method managing the patients . It’s like a managing system for the ones who seek for appointment in clinic or hospital.

I tried to propose a simple search application which can search the for the symptoms, vaccines should be taken and precautions needed for any disease which the user searches for. It’s a kind of application which can help users to take precautions beforehand. ( It’s just a simple idea from my side which can be implemented if organisation thinks).

Tell me if i am going wrong in anyway please . Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

@vibhorchinda17 you are not going wrong, and thanks for your suggestions. :slight_smile:

It is just that we have not seen significant adoption of the android client by real implementations (end users). So we are trying to focus on what their priorities are.

seems quite logical what you said @dkayiwa sir.
one last question sir, won’t openMRS android client and nigeria telemedicine app be included in gsoc list this year ?