Reg. App: Drop down widgets to be configurable to consume a concept set(s)

Hi all,

I’d like to use a drop down widget within a registration form and provide it with a concept set for its options(this may offer more than 50 options). This is because concepts and their sets(concept dictionary in general) offer greater convenience for i18n, usage and they are more scalable to use than their counterpart message properties at-least for this particular use case. This was already done with a couple of tags in HTML form entry.

I would push for dropdown widgets to support this. I have create a ticket to enable this for the registration app dropdown widget, RA-1738. Maybe this would be in the uicommons. Any early advise on this is appreciated. Thanks

cc: @mogoodrich, @ssmusoke, @ball, @mksd, @dkayiwa, @mseaton

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Genrally sounds good to me @ruhanga.

I haven’t done a lot of analysis, but it does seem it would be worth considering moving the “Widget” class and it’s various subclasses into UI Commons?

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Hey @ruhanga ,i want to be able to achieve this dropdown field under registration app configuration configurable without creating a separate gsp page and its corresponding json file as we do while extending patient registration page. From this context, i created a field as seen here

                        "id" : "ID CARD",
                        "legend" : "ID Number",
                        "fields" : [
                                "type" : "personAttribute",
                                "label" : "Identifier",
                                "formFieldName" : "ID Number",
                                "uuid" : "7d35a2d4-26a8-4917-86dc-5ac7b81ac541",
                                "widget" : {
                                    "providerName" : "uicommons",
                                    "fragmentId" : "field/text"
                              "cssClasses": ["number"]

The uuid being used is a coded concept id with concepts that to mapped in the dropdown menu on it using a single config in registrationapp_json. is this achievable using concept sets, can you help me with some documentation. My idea is to achieve this via a config without creating a bare groovy page. thank you

@sharif, how would you want to use the ID number field as a dropdown? Meanwhile it is possible to configure a registration form to contain a dropdown field in two ways. Following the Configuring a dropdown widget that consumes a concept-set in the Registration App section of the documentation you just shared, you’d 1) be able to use a concept set whose members are the dropdown’s options or 2) you could provide those options manually in the options part of the config or 3) you could combine both approaches. Using a coded concept is not supported yet. You may want to create a ticket that enables this.

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Thank you so much for your clarification

Seems its possible using coded concept and create concepts to be mapped however this can be achieved by creating another gsp page which i wanted not to go into although it is also doable

Thanks this is what i want to achieve i will try out this option