Refrence application

I have a challenge which my thinking out of the box refers: I have been trying to use Refrence Application on Ubuntu 18.04 operating system but it is not working and all that it required for it to work has been setup. I installed wine, openjdk-8-jdk, mysql-server, tomcat8 etc but yet to no avail. Please i really need your contribution and research on this.

Thank you Rolex-James Okoh

Kindly share your error log using paste bin to help identify the problem.

Funny enough it doesn’t even have any error message.

If I double click on the “” it will just disappear instead of popping out the openmrs port and tomcat without any error

Thank you

I would suggest that you setup using OpenMRS SDK to setup and run a Reference Application Server

Sure @rolex have you tried following the link shared by @ssmusoke? Please do and in case of failure share the log using pastebin.

@rolex Well done for the interest in setting up openmrs. If i may ask, what version of openmrs are you trying to install? Where are you deploying at I mean location? What error message is your installation displaying?

From your explanation it looks like you are running openmrs standalone version.

Follow the suggestion giving by @ssmusoke