Reflect Address Hierarchy in Patient Registration Page

So, I am quite new to this and have been trying to configure address hierarchy following Bangladesh’s administrative divisions. From what I understood after reading and docs is that I need to change /openmrs/admin/locations/addressTemplate.form to specify the data I want to collect during patient registration.

My /openmrs/admin/locations/addressTemplate.form is-

	<nameMappings class="properties">
		<property name="division" value="Location.stateProvince"/>
		<property name="district" value="Location.countyDistrict"/>
		<property name="upazila" value="Location.address1"/>
		<property name="union" value="Location.address2"/>
		<property name="village" value="Location.cityVillage"/>
		<property name="postalCode" value="Location.postalCode"/>
		<property name="longitude" value="Location.longitude"/>
		<property name="latitude" value="Location.latitude"/>
	<sizeMappings class="properties">
 		<property name="division" value="40"/>
		<property name="district" value="40"/>
		<property name="upazila" value="40"/>
		<property name="union" value="40"/>
		<property name="village" value="50"/>
		<property name="postalCode" value="10"/>
		<property name="address1" value="255"/>
		<property name="address2" value="255"/>
		<property name="longitude" value="10"/>
		<property name="latitude" value="10"/>
		<string>division district upazila union</string>
		<string>postalCode cityVillage</string>

The image #2 below is the Address Hierarchy, but I can not use division/district/upazila/union/village in /openmrs/module/addresshierarchy/admin/editAddressHierarchyLevel.form after pressing the edit button. The only available options for Address Field are PostalCode, Longitude, Latitude, None. I expected division, district, upazila, union, village, postal code, address1, address2, longitude, latitude as available options for Address Field. I also expected the Address Information section in Patient Registration form to reflect lineByLineFormat of the AddressTemplate.

Have I understood it all wrong? or there are configuration mistake? Thanks for reading.

P.S Sorry about the imgur album and hyperlinks in codeblocks. there are certain limitations for new accounts here.