Reference Metadata should only install built-in reports

Hi @dkayiwa @sharif @ssmusoke, any feedback welcome on:

  • RA-1862: Reference Metadata should not install non built-in reports

Cc @luis.oliveira

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I like this makes the reports loaded in the Reference Application explicit

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This seems like the right thing to do, especially given this comment:

//setup built-in reports from #org.openmrs.module.referenceapplication.reports

My only suggestion is to name this something slightly more straight-forward: Reference Metadata should only install built-in reports.

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Great catch @mksd , i liked the description on your ticket as in ReportManagerUtil.setupAllReports(ReportManager.class); may end up installing unwanted reports whose report manager happen to be available as a bean., it make alot of sense

Thanks all for your quick feedback and for getting this merged super quick :+1: Super helpful.

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