Reference Demo Data 2.x

This is just to let everyone know I’ve created a new branch in the referencedemodata module that’s aiming to provide demo data for 3.x (though it should still work with 2.x; I’ve dropped some of the 2.x-dependent parts, in particular, Encounters are currently created without associated forms).

2.x is a pretty big refactor, though it’s still largely the same code. The main addition I made was to create a better (IMO) system for generating the obs with numeric values. These observations can now be defined by a simple JSON file like this one. I’ve also added the notion of “constant” values, so we no longer will have demo patients who go from 30 cm to 3 m in 4 minutes.

Also, in general, the 2.x branch should generate more encounters (i.e., for inpatient stays, we generate a lab encounter and a vital encounter per day).

This will be incorporated into dev3, o3, and the openmrs-3 docker images so that we have some sample data when spinning it up (at a later date, though, we need to work out a mechanism to only load demo data if requested… eventually, I’d like to refactor the demo metadata into a package).

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