Reference Application Release 2.7 - Module Owners' / Maintainers Notification

@tendomart what you need to do is go to the module and look at the commits. If you see changes that you feel should be released, then ask the developers to do the needful.

@dkayiwa I don’t see any significant commits there so i think we’ll go with 2.1.0 …Thanks alot

@mogoodrich, FYI I have done a developer release of Core 1.9.12.
See ‘Core Release Notes 1.9.12’.

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@cintiadr now this link between Confluence and JIRA has somehow worsened because I am also unable to embed a new JIRA filter:

‘Login & Approve’ is taking me to an error, and ‘Insert’ is greylined.
Any idea?

@mksd I just released version 1.10.6 of core… only think I couldn’t figure out… do I have to manually upload to source forge, or is that something that should happen automatically?

Trying to do the address hierarchy release now, but having some problem, will keep you posted.

Take care, Mark

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100% manual :wink: See here.

Ok great, it will be quite a relief to have this AH 2.11.0 release point out. Let me know if I can be of any help.

@mksd can you take a look at the Address Hierarchy job when you get a chance and see if you can figure out while it is failing? I can’t figure it out, and I’m curently on a train with slow wifi so it’s been hard to debug. Feel free to just go ahead and do the 2.11.0 release if you get it to work.

Thanks for the source forge tip, trying it out now.

Take care, Mark

Arighty, no way I’m going to be able to upload the WAR to source forge from this connection… will finish on Monday!

I also had a few trials at the release job for AH, no luck so far. @dkayiwa, could you have a look?

Here we go

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It appears that previous links with JIRA aren’t working, because I had to recreate the applink between JIRA and wiki.

But it now appears to be fine if you recreate the JIRA component!

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Thanks @dkayiwa! It seems that you don’t specify the (next) development version when you run the release job, is that the difference? Or what did you do?

@cintiadr thank you!

@mogoodrich, so AH 2.11.0 is out! I think that one will deserve a note in the wiki to explain

  1. How to use the activator config loading.
  2. How to combine AH with Ext I18N to enable i18n support for AH entries.

I will do that, just give me some time.

@mksd take a look at the two commits i made to the module.

Ok cool, those (here and here) made me realise that the maven-release-plugin was not configured yet for Attachments.

Thanks @dkayiwa and @mksd!

Take care, Mark

@mksd, @mogoodrich, did you both see ? Artifacts to sourceforge are automatically published by

Thanks @raff!

One thing I didn’t do was a Platform release, I just released the 1.10.6 version of core, so I didn’t do step #11 in the instructions. I thought this might be the step that automatically published it, but wasn’t sure. I also was’t sure if we wanted to do a Platform release since we haven’t done any specific testing. If you think there’s no downside, I’ll just go ahead and do it?

Take care, Mark

Thanks @raff, I didn’t know about this either. Same as Mark for me, I didn’t quite do Platform releases recently, just developer releases of the Core only.

Also as it happens I had to release on branches 1.9.x and 2.1.x.

The point of automating the platform release was to make it easy enough for you to do it without much effort. We rarely do specific testing of maintenance branches. However, we’ll be adding integration tests to the platform project soon. Downloading, running and going through some pages of the standalone produced by the build before releasing e.g. is good enough. Since 1.10.x is EOLed I’d say it’s up to you whether you want to do a full platform release or just core.

2.1.x is non-LTS, for which we do not do platform releases. 1.9.x is EOLed so there’s no matching platform branch and no need to do a platform release. Releasing just core seems fair.