Reference Application Release 2.7 - Module Owners' / Maintainers Notification

Hello Community,

We are in the Process of releasing Reference Application 2.7.0 based on OpenMRS Platform 2.0.5 .

We therefore urge all module owners / maintainers which are already resident in Refapp 2.6 to release new versions of their modules (or approve usage of the existing version/s) within the next few days so we can strike the targeted release schedule.

Please Take Note :

Below is a List of Modules and their corresponding current / SNAPSHOT versions we expect to ship with RefApp 2.7 .We recommend that you give us feed back concerning their version validity as soon as possible, for auditing purposes , so that we may finalise before 27th October 2017.

  1. adminui - 1.2.2 by @burke,@wyclif @dkayiwa ,@raff
  2. allergyui - 1.7.0 by @dkayiwa and @wyclif
  3. appframework - 2.10.0 by @wyclif,@Rowan Seymour, @mogoodrich ,@darius
  4. appointmentscheduling - 1.8.0 by @ tgreensweig ,@mogoodrich ,@yony258,@wyclif
  5. appointmentschedulingui - 1.6.0 by @mogoodrich ,@wyclif
  6. appui - 1.8.0 by @mogoodrich and @darius ,@wyclif
  7. atlas - 2.2 by @burke , @darius and @alexis.duque ,@wyclif,@mvoro
  8. calculation - 1.2 by @wyclif,@dkayiwa,@darius and @mseaton
  9. chartsearch - 2.1.0 by @k-joseph and @dkayiwa
  10. coreapps - 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT by @cioan , @mogoodrich and @darius
  11. dataexchange - 1.3.2 by @raff
  12. emrapi - 1.21.0 by @raff ,@mogoodrich and @darius
  13. event - 2.5 by @wyclif ,@raff ,@mogoodrich,@darius
  14. fhir - 1.7.0 by @surangak
  15. formentryapp - 1.4.1 by darius ,@raff and @wyclif
  16. htmlformentry - 3.5.0-SNAPSHOT by @mseaton,@mogoodrich ,@darius ,@Dave Thomas ,@ball
  17. htmlformentryui - 1.6.4 by @mogoodrich ,@mseaton and @darius
  18. htmlwidgets - 1.9.0 by @wyclif,@Justin ,@darius ,@mseaton,@mogoodrich
  19. idgen - 4.4.1 by @mseaton , @mogoodrich ,@darius
  20. legacyui - 1.3.3 by @wyclif ,@dkayiwa and @teleivo
  21. logic - 0.5.2 by @bwolfe ,@burke,@dkayiwa,@tmdugan,@nyoman
  22. metadatadeploy -1.9.0 by @mseaton ,@Rowan Seymour, @mogoodrich
  23. metadatamapping - 1.3.3-SNAPSHOT by @raff ,@Mikko Suniala
  24. metadatasharing -1.2.2 by @raff ,@bryq,@mogoodrich, @darius
  25. namephonetics - 1.5 by @mseaton , @mogoodrich,@Dave Thomas
  26. Open web apps (owa) - 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT by @sunbiz ,@raff and @dkayiwa
  27. providermanagement - 2.9.0-SNAPSHOT by @mogoodrich ,@wyclif
  28. referenceapplication - 2.6.0 by @wyclif and @darius
  29. referencedemodata - 1.4.3 by @dkayiwa @darius ,@wyclif ,and @raff
  30. referencemetadata - 2.7.0 -SNAPSHOT by @wyclif ,@darius ,@dkayiwa
  31. registrationapp - 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT by @mogoodrich ,@wyclif
  32. registrationcore - 1.7.1 @wyclif and @mogoodrich
  33. reporting - 1.14.0-SNAPSHOT by @wyclif, @dkayiwa @mogoodrich ,@darius, @mseaton
  34. reportingcompatibility - 2.0.5-SNAPSHOT by @dkayiwa ,@wyclif,@mogoodrich,@raff , @darius, @mseaton
  35. reportingRest - 1.8.0 by @mogoodrich, @dkayiwa , @raff @wyclif , @mseaton and @darius
  36. reportingui - 1.3.0 by @mseaton , @darius and @mogoodrich
  37. serialization.xstream - 0.2.12 by @mseaton ,@bwolfe,@wyclif,@mogoodrich
  38. uiframework - 3.13.0-SNAPSHOT by @mogoodrich , @wyclif , @darius
  39. uilibrary - 2.0.6 -SNAPSHOT by @mogoodrich ,@darius and@Rowan seymour
  40. uicommons - 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT by @mogoodrich , @wyclif , @darius
  41. uitestframework - 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT by @raff
  42. - 2.21.0-SNAPSHOT by @darius ,@bwolfe,@wyclif,@dkayiwa

Once you have done the release, or decided on the existing version to use, please update the Release Tracking Wikipage at

On behalf of the Release Team I would like to congratulate and Applaud you for the tremendous , untiring effort you feed into the various projects.

Special Thanks accorded to Stephen.S.Musoke (@ssmusoke) for all the support / directions and the input granted to the fruition of this release.

Yours in Service Tendo Kiiza Martyn (@tendomart) Release Manager Reference Application 2.7


Thanks @tendomart… I don’t forsee any blockers, and can try to do some of the releases next week… do we have a deadline we are aiming for?

Take care, Mark

@mogoodrich we will yet announce.Still resolving a few issues and doing updates…

For info I just did today:

  • emrapi 1.23.0
  • legacyui 1.3.3
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@tendomart, I’m a little confused about the Reference App Release Tracking page… I think most cases the “Version /Notes/Tracking” column show shows the most recently released version of a module. For each module, I assume the correct process would be for one of the module owners to 1) confirm if we want to use that version or if we should do a new release, and 2) if a new release is needed, somewhat should go ahead and do it.

To facilitate this can we add a new column to named “Ready?” or something like that, to reflect that a module owner has signed off on the module version listed in the “Version” column?

In general, I think we should strive to release as many modules as possible, otherwise the changes may not get into the latest release.

Take care, Mark

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As an example, I added the Html Form Entry to the list (not sure why it was missing). I confirmed that the latest release (3.4.0) is good to use (there have been no additional commits since the release) so I flagged as “Ready” in a new column I added to the spreadsheet.

I also marked the two modules that @mksd mentioned above as “Ready”. So the goal would be for all module owners to review their modules and get every one marked “Ready”.

Does this work for you @tendomart? I will continue to review the rest of the modules flagged with my name over the next couple days.

Take care, Mark

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@mogoodrich Thank you very much for the reviews , observations ,suggestions and corrections Iam working around the clock to make sure that i rectify the inconsistencies and or add new features.You will soon see the changes

@mogoodrich Thanks alot for the edit. sorry i had accidentally deleted htmlformentry from the list during editing , but it’s resident on my original list of the openmrs-distro-referenceapplication file

@mksd Thanks for the indication

Okay, so I went through the bulk of the modules I was an owner or co-owner of and did a new release as necessary, or just noted that the most recent release should be used. I marked all the ones I reviewed as “Ready”.

There were a few I did not yet release:

registrationapp & coreapps - I believe we should do a release of these modules, but I wanted to check with @ssmusoke @craigappl… do you guys think they are ready to go from your end? Do you have any outstanding changes you were planning on pushing up before the release? There may be some new features that we at PIH added (like biometrics) may not be 100% final, but I don’t think this is a blocker because it’s not functionality that appears in the Ref App by default. If we all agree, I can go ahead and release them.

idgen - I would check with the team working on adding REST support for IDGEN and see if we want to use the latest version of IDGEN or if we should just stick with the last released version (4.4.1, I believe). It looks like there were no new additions since the last release besides the changes to support REST.

fyi @tendomart

Hope this helps!

Take care, Mark

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Thanks @mogoodrich,

I can’t get the registration app and registration core code turned around quickly enough to make this release. I need to write up the feature set, create the tickets, rebase the commits and create a PR before the code is ready to be added.

Sincerely, Craig

FYI: @nathaelf, @ssmusoke

@craigappl Noted we shall go ahead without the enhancements and I have moved them to Ref App 2.8 in the Technical Roadmap

@mogoodrich I have merged the remaining open PR on coreapps - so I think you are good to go on the release.

On registrationapp seems like most of the changes are biometric related

Great! I should be able to go ahead and do a release of Core Apps and Registration App later today or tomorrow if someone else doesn’t get to it first.

Should we start updating the Ref App distro pom to point to all these new releases so that they go out to the QA server for testing?

Take care, Mark

If you release from bamboo, the distro pom should get automatically updated with the released version of the module.

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Thanks what I thought @dkayiwa, but looking at the Ref App QA server, it didn’t seem to have the proper versions of the modules running. I will try to take a closer look.

Take care, Mark

Ah, I see my mistake @dkayiwa… I just glanced at the versions of modules running on qa-refapp and saw many more SNAPSHOTS than I expected to. But those are the latest snapshots… so when I do a new release and then the new SNAPSHOT version is created, it jumped immediately to the new SNAPSHOT.

This is is what we generally want, I believe, but I don’t know if during the testing phase just prior to a release we want to lock it down to the actual released versions we plan to include in the release?

Take care, Mark

You can in fact do that!

When releasing a module 'If this module is part of the reference application, other option you might want to override is the global variable 'preparing.refapp.distro.release. When it’s true, the refapp distro will be updated with the released version; when it’s false, with the next snapshot.

It’s mentioned in here as well, to modify it globally:


Thanks @cintiadr, that’s great! Sorry I didn’t actually read the instructions first… :slight_smile: I have one or two more modules to release, I will try to do it with those.

Since I didn’t actually do that this time, shall I go ahead and manually set the versions in the pom back to the most recently released versions, the ones we want in Ref App 2.7? @ssmusoke @tendomart

Take care, Mark

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Hi @mogoodrich,

I know that it is not part of the Ref App distro, but wouldn’t this be the opportunity to release AH 2.11.0?

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Sure, makes sense to me… I didn’t really think of it because it wasn’t on the list… I should be able to do it today.


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