Reference Application [RA-1864]

Hello i have claimed this ticket [RA-1864] obsacrossencounters Requires an EncounterType which is an optional field - OpenMRS Issues but its not accessible on openMRS Github to be forked .Kindly help me out thank you.

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Hi @joshua please use our guide on github usage

@joshua I believe this is the module you are looking for GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-coreapps: Provides apps for performing the common tasks.

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@jwnasambu The issue above is becoming common here. is it an advancement of the system or technical problem?

Thank you

@mumbere Its neither an advancement of the system nor a technical problem. Reference Application as a distribution consists of several other bundled modules working together to serve as EMR platform consuming the API implementation of OpenMRS Core that is why you see the ticket is referenced as RA but pointing to a different module. The trick is when working on a reference application ticket, endeavour to first reproduce the error then look at the address in the browser to get a glimpse of which module to work on.

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@jwnasambu There i understand. Thank you.

Thank you @jwnasambu let me fork