Reference Application Modules Review

Hey Everyone!

During our recently ended PM today, we briefly discussed the Ref App modules currently bundled with the latest release.

We did a brief review of the modules and concluded that the Chart Search module can be deactivated and removed from the list of modules.

Can I confirm that this is the correct assertion?

Secondly, there are modules that may be working well, but need additional reworking / optimization. Which modules would we consider to be those that fit in this category?

We would really appreciate feedback on this


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Do we have a spreadsheet that outlines all of these modules, the version that is compatible, the designated module owner, etc?

I would look to release notes. Specifically, the issue tracking pages used to prepare for a release like this one.

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unfortunately i missed the PM call , i was attending the UgandaEMR Hackathone.

About this ,

I would have no objection at all. we need to make the reff App as light as possible ,and that is it should contain only the general porpose/mostly needed modules .Ideally any implementation should add an extra module for their specific need at there own .

sure , i had a discussion with @dkayiwaand we agrred to remove that module from the list. Its current usage is too low

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The latest review of modules for the ref app is captured in the previous release notes that @burke mentioned earlier in this talk thread